Vancouver Island's
 Hiking Trail Systems
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the city of nanaimo with Curiseship  sitting in the harbor

Beautify Nanaimo, BC. Canada

Vancouver Island is blessed with numerous great hiking (and Kayaking too) opportunities with great views to enjoy.
 There are lots of half and full day hikes and multiday alpine hikes to enjoy while exploring and seeing the island.

It's always Hiking Season

    Greetings My fellow wandering Mammals, it's Hiking season! Well to be truthful it is always hiking season in BC, it never really ends here. the gear just changes, because we only have two hiking styles Here in BC. the cold wet and snowy waterfall season and the warm and dry hiking and camping season. 
so I should say the Warmer and Drier Hiking season has stated, JOY!

well after a few years of healing up my Knees and dealing with the effects of twisting them at different times and on hikes.  I am back out on the trails once again and so happy to be back out pounding miles under my hiking boots. but I am still going to take it easy for now, still have pain in the knees going down hill. it should with use and abuse hopefully go away or i will damage them more, I am hoping for the first option myself!   
I have found some new to me trails on the northern east side of Mount Benson which i will be adding soon, got to relearn a few things here, its been awhile and I am got something big on the go.
so I wont working on my site until after

A kayak trip to and from Alaska.

but this page is about hiking so check out my newish kayaking page section :-)
Happy Safe Adventures My Fellow Mammals!


Hi Hiker!
Just a bit of an up date. Well I'm working again, so that means less time to work on my site and to collect the data tracks.  Well on the up side of this is I can live. So I'll do my best to keep things up to date.

It the Winter hiking Season Dress for it, be prepared, and Be safe Mammals :D
Now go hike

Thanks to Bill and Roger Schjelderup
i have a lot more pictures of Strathcona Park to post on my Site, Thanks Guys :D

still working of the next version,
of the web site.

New Pics added

. New trail map of MT Benson and GPS tracks
bottom of that page

New  Mt Burman  Pics

New  Phillips Ridge Route Pics

Bedwell area Pics

Golden Hinde area Pics

Mt Phillips  Pics

Mt Myra   Pics

Marble Meadows Area   Pics

Mt Benson   Pics

new trail located on mount Benson southeast ridge the page for map(last map)

Sorry I'm a bit behind on the 3D and 2D maps

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