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Mt Benson

MT Benson looking south towards Ladysmith under the thermal inversionthermal inversion over Nananimo & ladysmith BC Canada east to south view
after a storm untouched snow looking south towards ladysmith from Mt Bensonlooking east towards Nanaimo and the Mainland from the summit of Mt. Benson on Vancouver Island on a clear day
Mt Moriarty & Mt Arrowsmith with a thermal inversion as seen from Mt Benson summit near Nanaimo BC canadaThermal inversion pic from Mt Benson looking south down the island
Thermal inversion from Mt Benson Looking south with towers looking down off Mt Bensontowards Nanaimo hidden under a Thermal inversion jan 18 2013
the snowy summit of Mt benson in a sea of white of a thermal inversion over Nanaimo BC Canada jan 18 2013Mt Benson summit pic of Nanaimo area on a clear day Aug 4 2012
Mt Arrowsmith seen jan 16, 2014 from Mt Benson

looking west towards Mount Decosmos &  Mount Moriarty
looking at okay Mountain and Mt Arrowsmith during the Thermal inversion on the 16 of jan 2014

looking northish to the far end of Mtbenson's northern ridge highlighted by the clouds of the thermal inversion
closeup of Okay Mountain and Mount Arrowsmith swimming in a sea of clouds during the thermal inversion (winter 2014)

looking south towards saltspring island during a thermal inversion, were you can see Mt Maxell and MT Bruce sticking out of the sea of clouds
a close up view of Mt Bruce's tower farm during a thermal inversion on the 16th of jan 2014 seen from Mt Benson