Mount Benson's Hiking Trails System

3D version of the Mount Benson's trail Map with starting place at witchcraft lakeThis is a 3D view of the Middle section of Mt. Benson trail network starting at witchcraft Lake at the Benson View Rd. this 3d map has been rotated to better view the trails.
2D version of the Mount Benson's trail Map with starting place at witchcraft lakenalt's trails

Here is a close up view of the lower section of the Mt Benson trail network.
Since this may was made, they have built a bridge across the lake
from the new parking area put in last year (2010).
I myself still prefer to go around the end of the lake to keep the trails access rights open.

close pp of the upper section of the mt. benson trail networktope down view of mt. benson

You will see the city of Nanaimo, BC. from various spots as you hike to the summit. From the Summit of Mount Benson you get an Awesome 360deg view over looking the city and a good chunk of the southeast corner of Vancouver Island.

depending on your fitness level is, you can hike to the summit in as little as an hour or to 3 up hours, add another 2 or 3 hours to hike down. So Pack a lunch, some water, grab your boot and other hiking gear and set off for a day hike up your local mountain today. Enjoy your Views, Enjoy your hike and Enjoy yourself while having a great time wandering about the many trail of Mount Benson.
(A.k.A Wakesiah, Taitokton (Tatch-to-lan). I'll See you on the trails, someplace :)

new trail along the southeast ridge on mount Bensons, starting at second gate to summer

I discovered a trail running (in purple) from the second gate(still missing) up on the mountain summit, follow the quad track around the gate bypass to pink ribbon and follow it(them) to summit along the south east ridge.   myself, am looking forward to hiking it again,  plus i saw two joining trails to explore still(about half way, near loop),

Here is some new trails in red.

gps tracks of these new trails down load either
GPX or GDB files for your gps.
the southern ridge trail isn't complete, batteries died on me.
it does come out behind Robin roost thou
 but that part coming soon.

Mt Benson from Witchcraft Lake
Quick facts

Mount Benson is: 1019m

Starting Elevation: 300m
witchcraft lake

Elevation gained: 719m

Trail is 3.2 km 1way to summit

Time: allow 1 to 3 hours one-way
(it all depends on you)
Map Legend

Black lines are Roads

Yellow lines area trails

Pink lines are NALT's alterative safer trails

this is overview map of. the middle of Mount Benson's Trail system. I have left all the waypoint markers as to not clutter up the overall view of the map. On the close up map section I will add what I can in way of details as long as it doesn't clutter up the map to much, you have to be able to see the trails.

I hope this information helps you and keeps you safe while you wandered the trails of Mount Benson 

For larger 3d map

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