Hi, Normally I wouldn't be looking for donations at all but times are tough. but any donations to this site will go to buying better data and equipment, to improve the information of the this site. if there is anything extra, it will be used to help fund mapping costs, I don't mind working to pay for things but anytime extra working takes away from mapping the islands trail systems or networks. so as I work and hike I'll grow and expanded site to include every trail I can find or heard about. So its be a fine line between working and hiking and building this maintaining this site. so over all, I work to pay my bills and a few spare bucks to fund trips and replacing my destroyed gear, Camera and Video camping, equipment, etc
So I'll be selling pictures for a buck or two as well to raise money to buy better map data and mapping equipment for my 3D maps and GPS tracks. I would like to make my 2D & 3D maps, GPS tracks as accurate as possible for you to use & photograph and video all that I can.
 So if you like to buy a pic or two or Just  help out by Donating

That is and will be Very much Appreciated!

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