The Forbidden Plateau
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forbidden plateau trail map
this map well be updated soon to add in circlet lake area to
Here you have a  map of the forbidden Plateau from the new park info center.  The yellow to the left is the  meadow board walk trail.

Below is a close-up of the Mount Albert Edwards area back to Helen Mackenzie lake area. to do Albert Edwards is a day, you'll need all day. 13 hours or more around trip

Forbidden Plateau
Quick Facts

There are 4 main loop trails through the Forbidden Plateau area. these are the paradise Meadows loop 3.8km, Helen Mackenzie lake loop 8.7km(or 7.6lkm when new Centennial trail project is finished), Kawi Lake loop 16.8km and the last and longest one which loops around Moat Lake (which covers Mount Edward Albert, Mount Frink, Castlecrag Mountain and back which is 40+km from info center. the main trail of the Forbidden Plateau is the Kawi lake loop trail and all other trails join or leave this main loop trail. all the other trails traverse the plateau which will take you through the Plateau from either Mount Becher (the old Wood Mountain Ski hill)(fairly easy) or over Mount Edward Albert to Augerpoint Mountain and down to buttle lake(harder)(not shown yet). the last traverse takes you from Mount Frink overland to Comox Glacier (hardest)(not shown yet).

Un-deformed map image