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pic of Deperture bay from a kayak sitting looking totowards to setting sun with the clouds hilightlighted in a yellowish color
Get paddling?

Greetings fellow Kayakers
Out kayak sailing my Passat G3 :-) what fun it is.

since getting into Kayaking a year or so ago I have pimped my ride up some by adding a sail.
as fun as paddling is, its slow. So I figured it was better for me to spend less time getting someplace and spend more time exploring that someplace instead.
even when the wind isn't in your favor, used right, you can still lighten your workload.

but for my PassatG3 which is 22feet long, I have found the sail to be underpowered for my length and weight, so I am going to build a bigger one and enlarge the jig as well.
I like to push the 5 to 6mph up to closer to 10mph, which would be 4x faster then paddling. to help with the up wind sailing going to make a better set of leeboards to replace the lame so call leeboards that came with it, they do not have the shape of a leeboard and are useless for upwind sailing,  they only help you go straight. going to cost me 400 for a good set to be made, but i might just make them myself.  it better for me to know encase I break one or them on a trip.

I have gotten 95% of the parts to build my next sail but my lack of sail making skills which are slowing me down, don't have to F-it up! even thou o bought enough to build a few.

 below is a map of the local area you can cover and return from in a 12hour day of kayaking from Departure bay beach.
map of areas kayak able in a day from Nanaimo's Departure bay beach
that is if you has a sea kayak and not a small recreational kayak which aren't meant for over water.
but no matter what Kayak type you got, have and wear your safety gear and Stay Alive!

Quick Tips
Stay dry!

Day Tripping

your average speed paddling is 2 to 3 mph, so the average distance you can travel in a kayak peddling per day is about 20 to 30+ miles in about 10 hours(not counting your breaks). but that depends on your fitness, the wind and current conditions. with the right conditions thou 90mile is do able in a day, but only IF wind and current are in your favor.

ocean kayaking
 must haves!

marine radio
spare paddle