Kayaking to Alaska!
Summer 2018

pic of map showing known kayak landing beaches along the BC westcoast to Alaska
Get Out Paddling

Greetings Fellow Kayakers

 LeConte Bay Glacier

well my first attempt in 2018 was a failure, it took me 30 days to reach port hardy bay at the north end of the island do to the weather.  so I will try again in 2020

 it involved some hiking, but mainly this is a kayak adventure.  while healing up from my knee injurys I got into Kayaking. it great but slow so then I got into Kayak sailing (distance & for speed.)
Sure its nice to slowly kayak around an Islands out here now and then. but I am a distance hiker and cyclist, so now I am distance kayaker too.  like hiking or biking, I want to go someplace awesome and cover some distance in a day doing so.  my best hiking I can or at least could do in a 20miles hike tops with pack in mountainous terrain(14-16 hrs).
I found that I could do in a day a bit better than that Kayaking, 25 to 30miles no problem.  but there is lots of open space distance inbetween things on or along the ocean. so a lots more time getting there and a lot less time being where you wanted to going..  so, to fix that issue, in comes the sail to make shorter work of the open spaces, plus it way more fun sailing and so much more enjoyable, (when the wind is in your favor) 

anyway, since I am into distance, I got to go places farther away then Newcastle and protection or Gabriola island in a day paddling.
But for my 55 last year,  for a Birthday gift to myself. i gave myself ,a 100day Kayaking trip to Alaska and back this summer(2018),
 so if I have time, I want to come back down around the outside of the island and back to Nanaimo.

i want to record the trip for YouTube,  so hiking will has been  effected the last few years, since I need Craploads of funtickets for the almost 500 32gig SD memory cards I need. so I have be working more and hiking less the last couple of years. which will also help my knees heal up more before I go crazy hiking again,  I have so missed being out on the Trails wandering about, getting fat sigh!
never got to the 500 cards thou, life got in the way, I will have about 200 SD cards instead, so less cameras going less recording instead of missing more of the trip

I am leaving on May long weekend and start slowly. I have to visit a friend I haven't seen in 12yrs since i am in the hood. after an overnight visit I get back on the ocean and start heading north towards Campbell River amd enter discovery passage and riding the oceans current there to Port hardy and to the top of the island.

I have put aside enough funtickets to allow me 100days(3.5months) of kayaking adventure. it should only take me about 40days to reach LeConte Glacier 800miles away before turning around and paddle/sailing back home to Nanaimo.

using a Seaward Passat G3 tandem kayak mounted with 2sqm of sail which allows me to do about 4 to 6 knot normally with a light load.  but i will have to see what it's like loaded speedwise on my trip.
handling will be an issue in strong winds and big waves and dangerous in surf landing because of its length 22ft and i am doing it solo.

I will have to be on the be carefull weatherwise and read the signs correctly and get off before it gets to wild for me to handle safely.   i can handle 15knot winds no problems been out in 20knot winds too, but the Salish Sea is tame compared to 20knots on the open oceans.  
so for the open ocean section i will be keep 10knots or lower winds down depending on the waves action

i have turned my little trip into a history trip, going to visit what I can of BC history along the way.
going to check Alexander MacKenzie

Quick Tips
Stay dry!

 Day Tripping for 100 days

Ocean kayaking
 must haves

PFD (got)
Marine radio (got)
flares(don't got)
spare paddle(got)
waterproof flashlight(got)
tow throw line(got)
magnetic compass(got)

camping and other gear
cooking gear(got)
bear spay(don't got)
water gear(got)
solar recharging(got)
shelter gear(got)
GPS with bluecharts and topos (got)
teeth and body gear(got)
food(working on it)