Mount Benson's
Witchcraft Lake Lower Trail Section

This is a close-up view of the lower half of the trail system which starts at Witchcraft lake.
I will be adding numbers to the map to identify which trail is which since the names not show well


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lower trail map

This map's view is a more straight on view of the lower trails system from about 500m and to the right. The red trails is N.A.L.T'S alternative trail through the valley avoid the more rockier sometimes slipper ridge. the trail to the right of the map has two GPS track files displayed. on the two tracks closest to the right about halfway up the page you see what looks like a (C), that is where you encounter the waterfall  and you circle up passed it to your left.
Upcoming map/s will have details add with trail IDs( i need to redo the naming system)

lower benson 2d trial map
this is an un-rotated map unlike the two map s above. the two above map are what you would see standing at the lake looking at the mountain(in this case in the air, which is hard for you to do, don't try.) this is the map view and north straight up, but i see in writing this i need to get and add a compass marker to place on the maps