Mount Horn Trail System

Mount Horn view

To Hike Mount Horn
Park and walk up Chalet Rd 1km or park in the Cathedral Grove parking (not advised thou, busy) walk about 300m through and around to the left on the park trail until you find a dirt road like path heading to the left and head over to Chalet Rd
walk up the road about 325m until you see a with trees on the left with 3 boards on it saying (Horn lake trail)

 about 100m uphill from the (Horn lake trail) sign you'll find the abandon train tracks
fair steep

about 300m east along the tracks is the main trail up to the saddle(look for a path & large rope. Which is on your left

its about 190m hike up to saddle from the train tracks.

you find a jointing trail joining at the saddle coming from Wesley ridge trail. but take the trail to the left  you can find an arrow on tree stump were the trail join up. It points up(west) another 50m up to the logging road

turn left and follow the logging road up 1.6km to find the trail marks on a tree on the right side of road

follow the trail through the wood as it whines its way up through the thinning forest to the summit

Enjoy the View

Mount Horn Trail loops Map
3d mt horn
3d Mt. horn profile2d mt horn profile 2

Mount Horn
Quick facts

Mount Horn is: 850+m

Starting Elevation: 180m

Elevation gained: 670m

Trail is 4 km 1way to summit

Time: allow 5 to 6 hours

The beginning of the trail is kind of Steep as well as when you 're approaching summit as well.
(lite scrambling.)

Well defined trail
(but in top forest section the trail can disappear due to blown down trees, stop, look about, spot marker/s, move on.)