Mount Wesley/Ridge
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as seen from N49 17.674 W124 34.891

To make this hike a loop just hike back along the train tracks, should take you an  hour or so to walk the 6km back along the tracks to where you started,  taking this hike from 10km to 16km and from 6 hours to 9 hours or longer if you're tired and slower.

There are about 5 Really good view points to enjoy while traversing Wesley Ridge

main view point on the Ridge is at N49 18.307 W124 36.886

Mount Wesley/Ridge loop
Quick facts

Mount Wesley is: 830+m

Starting Elevation: 180m

Elevation gained: 750m

Just to main view point
5km,  770m, 2 to 3 hours oneway

My time to traverse the 10 km of Wesley Ridge was 6.5 hours with rests and view time included

Trail is 10 km across the ridge and down to the tracks again.

the true summit have no view, it is cover with trees. you find a old tower site, with wood piled up. a. log book can be found here at this summit. other log book at the lower view points. The Wesley Ridge trail is in good condition. The trail does become kind of hard to follow in spots, just look for the remains of the old making tape and you should have no problem.

Wesley Ridge Large Map.jpg

wesley ridge large map
The red track in the maps is the quads track as its weave with way along side the hiking trails
the Dark purple track is the railway and the light purple on the right is the short QVR trail.
the Green track is the path through Cathedral Grove Park
Cathedral Grove is rather a busy spot, so quick drop off or pick up only.
If you need to park, head down the highway a bit 500m to N49 17.371 W124 40.079 Chalet Rd
 and park on the side out of the way.  
3D map of the Wesley ridge traverse2d wesley ridge looking west side view3d wesley ridge eastern end trail map3d Wesley ridge trail mapwesley ridge map looking east side view