Things You Can See
on the Bedwell lakes Hike in Strathcona Park

Big Bedwell lake shoreline pic

[top] Big Bedwell lake as seen from the shore and descending from the ridge between Big and Baby Bedwell lakes

a view point of baby bedwell lake on your way to tom taylor mountain
[above] A view of Baby Bedwell lake looking towards big bedwell on the other side of the mid ground ridge, with Big Interior Mountain just off center on the left.
[below] a view of bedwell River Valley from a spot on the way Cream lake
a view of the bedwell valley with Big interior mountain on the left
[below] the view from Baby Bedwell lake with big Bedwell lake and Tom Taylor Mountain just over the ridge to the left
the view from the Baby Bed lake Camp site with tom taylor mountain with a snowy top off canter to the left
[below] Big Bedwell lake as seen from a spot on the trail to Cream lake
looking down on Big Bedwell lake from a spot heading to cream lake
[below] the view of Big Bedwell lake from the small 40m ridge between Big & Baby Bebwell lakes. the camp site is at the far end of the lake in front of Big Interior Mountain all covered in snowview of Big Bedwell lake from the small 40m ridge between big and baby Bedwell lakes
the park sign at the parking spot heading to the bedwell areaBC parks bedwell lakes area map
the sign for the head of the traila subalpine daisy flower,  yellow middle with multible peddles, light pink in colour.
bog laurel flowersA copperbush flower
Deer cabbage flowersa five leaf bramble flower
baby bedwell camp site with tom tylor mountain in the back ground with a snowy summit tom tylor mountain with a snowy crown as seen from bady bedwell lakes in Strathcona park
trail signs at Big bedwell lake pointing to the Cream lake & Bedwell lakes trailspark warning sign down the bedwell river valley, warning the the bridge is old and unsafe, avoid or use at your own risk

A few things you see going down Bedwell river valley

one of the 2 or 3 water falls along the bedwell rivera view down the bedwell valley towards a mountain view from the condemned bridge looking up the riverbedwell river from old condamned logging bride, looking down stream
a view down Bedwell river valley after you read the top of the valley with a big snow slide