Things You Can See
going and beyond Golden Hinde

Golden hinde with Carter and Schjelderup Lake

Schjelderup Lake with Golden hinde

schjelderup lake with golden hinde off in the distance(with off haze)
Schielderup Lake with Golden Hinde in the Background.
From here you go left along the slide area to the trees before you have a quick uphill before you go cut over a ridge and down the the camping area and the trail up onto Mt Burman's lower ridge
Golden hinde from the ridge on mount Burman looking down golden hind and burman lake , the haze is from the wolf valley fire
the View of Golden Hinde and Burman Lake as seen From Mt Burman  

Schielderup Lake and Mt Burman from the second spot you can drop down
 off the ridge to the Schielderup lake off Phillips Ridge
golden hinde reflecking in carter lake with the right between carter and Schjelderup Lakes in the way
Carter Lake with Golden Hinde reflecting  on its surfaceA view from the summit or near the summit of Golden hinde, looking down onto Schjelderup Lake(right in Mount Burman, left in Phillips Ridge
View off Golden Hinde of Schielderup & Carter lakes(M)
and Mt.a Burman(R) and Phillips Ridge(L) looking east
a wide panaramic shot from the turning/connecting point along Phillips ridge heading to Golden Hinde and then Elk River Valley
A 180 or better view of the area, from Mount Thelwood to Golden Hinde  over looking the Burman Valley
Back view of Golden hinde as seen  fromthe high point at the end of elk river looking southeast

unnamed ridge looking at the southern slope of golden hinde, either around the base or up ot down the slide zone on the left

crossing over Golden Hinde  to descent the south slope slide zone
crossing over Golden Hinde to descent the south slope slide zone
from phillips ridge looking into a fog covered Burman river valley