Golden Hinde
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Golden Hinde
Quick facts

Golden Hinde is: 2200m

Starting Elevation: 380m
from the mine

Elevation gained: 1825m

Distance traveled,
one way 30km
travel time 2 to 3 days

To reach the first camp site you climb 1100m over 7.7km of switchbacks which only moves you 2.2km forward.

Camping with 4 or 5 platforms and primitive outhouse at far end of the the lake.

I filter my water from the in flow creek back along the trail a minute or two

there is tarn and a camp spot near the wall if you are at the lake early in the day and want to hike on.

water normally isn't a problem, lots of snow, small tarns and creeks about

some high points can be contoured around on the ridge, but you miss out on the views thou

3d map to golden hinde from westmin mine3D closeup of the golden hinde area3d Close up of golden hinde