Marble Meadows Plateau Area
of Strathcona Park

pmarble meadows just after you top the ridge after up to 4 hours of up hill
Marble Meadows just after summiting the ridge.
a few camping spots to the right other side of the big pines. there are 2 other spots near by but less sheltered
the small lake in the left mid ground is Limestone lake

marble meadows trail map
The above is the course of the 7.5km to the camp sites at the top of the ridge it sure the you about 4 hour the water is about

Marblerock lake is the halfway point along the Marble Meadows Plateau trails to the Wheaton Hut.
from here it down to the right and around the lake and back up hill to the hut.
to the left and up the ridge and along the bluff and down to the hut
still over 300m away either way , you're almost there.

Marble meadowsI did several passes over the trails i found on the plateau each on has its own colour
#d topo map of The Marble Meadows trail#d tope of the marble meadows trail top down viewHere is the 3D view of the 7.5km trail climbing the ridge trail to the marble meadows plateau as seen from both directions m bottom up and top down views.

top down view of a 3d map of the plateau area of Marble meadows area
this is a top down view of the Plateau itself. it is still in 3D but just not as noticeable.
in theses 3D maps all the trails are the same color. the differences you see in the trail/s are the different paths the trails takes along the way. some are interesting other, not.

normal view of the #D topo map of the marble meadows area of strathcona park
This 3D map below is in the reverse direction to better Hi-lite the area around Marblerock lake
marble meadow plateau view on opposit direction
the trail leading to the bottom of the map here is the trail to marble peak, but for safely it only goes to the last safe spot.  I'm not a rock climber and this peak isn't as straight forward as one would figure.

Quick facts

The Ridge is: 1519+m

Starting Elevation: 240m

Elevation gained: 1270m

Trail is 7.4 km oneway to ridge & first camp site

Time: allow 4 to 5 hours with load

once up on the Plateau your traverse up and down about 100m as you wander to the Wheaton hut

only one good spot for water at 518m, go past the lake to the steam on the other side of the lake. its
 about 2 hours to reach from trailhead

lake winds
The lake winds start blowing about 2 o'clock and continue to about 5 o'clock or so. sometime the winds are helpful and blow you there. others times, not so much.
The locals say, off the lake by 2pm and on after 5pm.