Vancouver Island's Hiking Trail to
Mount Burman

Pic of Mt Burman as seen from Phillips Ridge
Mount Burman as seen from  Phillips Ridge with behind in the back right

map to the Summit of mt Burman
The yellow line is the trail to Mt Burman from

Schjelderup Lake


3D route up Mount Burman
above map, the lower section up from Schjelderup Lake to lower Burman right. once up on the lower burman ridge, work your way around the bluff on the left and slowly work your way to the upper burman ridge.  its not well marked but you'll find a few markers along the way.

3d route lower section for Mount Burman
above: 3D map yellow line is a close up of the bypass around the bluff between the lower and upper Burman ridges. Follow the loosely marked route around the bluff on the left  to the upper ridge
3d upper section of the route up Mount Burman
Once on the upper ridge it is a fairly staight hike up to the summit of Mount Burman and the awesome views that it holds


Mt. Burman 1760m
is 3.2km from
Schjelderup Lake
start 1270
its 1km to the
6 hours return 

from Schjelderup Lake hike up onto the ridge which is about 1km. from the Burman ridge to MT Burman summit,
ok keep going around the bluff on your left and traverse around it and up 100m over another  1km.again,  (there are a few cairns marking the way.) once around and on the upper ridge. you'll have a straight line of site to the summit about 1.2km away. follow the ridge towards the summit picking your best line of travel..
it took three hour from Schjelderup Lake to the Summit
of Mt Burman, about 6 return.