Phillips Ridge Route
Strathcona Park

the route map for of phillips ridge route from marble mesdows to the mine
The Phillips Ridge Route is a great hike to do if you have some experience. the route is a roll coaster ride of ups and downs hill from beginning to end.  once you have gained the ridge you wouldn't drop below a 1000m while you finish hiking Phillips ridge.

Phillips Ridge Route
Quick Facts

Distance 42km
Marble Meadows to the mine
55km with Mt McBride summit

This hike isn't  a one day!
(meaning 12hours)
4 to 6+ days
depending on you

lake 231m
Max Elevation gain 1600 to 1900m (with Mt McBride summit)

highest peak along ridge is McBride at 2081m(6829ft)

be prepared for bad weather, if Raining , for safety, I would recommend staying put until the rock is dry before moving on


3D Phillips ridge route3d map
phillips ridge route 3d map sidewaysbuttle lake start to Meable meadows trail to the plateau and access to phillips Ridge route heading to the minetop down view of Marble meadows trail and route in 3dPhillips ridge route starting from the mine over to Marble Meadows in 3d