Strathcona Park
BC's Very First Park is 103on March 1, 2014
Vancouver Island's Canada

Strathcona park elk sign

Magnificent Strathcona Park's

Strathcona Park is the oldest  in the province and biggest park on Vancouver Island.
you will have hours and days of enjoyment within the parks boundaries
that will stay with you forever strathcona park main map
Here is a map of all the trails and routes in the park. Lots of the routes are very challenging and remote,
so you want to make sure you are very prepared for the terrain and weather conditions that you will encounter while wandering on the mountains within Strathcona Park's boundaries.
its a Beautiful place to play, but it can be a deadly place to, Take Care!

Strathcona Park
Quick Facts &
Quick Trail Updates

Alpine country patchy snow

The Valleys snow conditions Clear of snow(patchy if found)

Spring and Summer will most likely be several weeks late to the high country &
Summer might not come at all to some spots within the park this year
all the snow this winter 2010/11 should help the island's glaciers or at best a minor reprieve

Strathcona Park is the oldest park in British Columbia and biggest park on Vancouver Island and was BC's first Provincial park founded back in 1911 on March 11 of that year.
The park is 245,807 hectares in area and has the highest mountain on the island, Golden Hinde (2205m) along with several others lofty peaks also, within the park's boundaries we have Della Falls(440m) the highest falls in Canada.

only one road (Westmin Rd.)into the heart of the park and that's it to that eyesore of a mine, Myra Mine(the old Westmin mine). a few logging roads get get into the park when parts were illegally removed

Thanks again to
Bill & Roger Schjelderup
for the use of their
 Strathcona Park
backpacking pictures.

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