Strathcona Park Hiking Trails
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Golden Hinde  Pics Phillip's Ridge Trails
Mt Burman  Pics Mt. McBride
Bedwell lake/Bedwell sound   Pics Mt. Phillips   Pics
Comox Glacier Marbles Meadow   Pics
Capes Ridge Mt. Myra    Pics
Mount Crest   Pics Mount Elkhorn
Kings Peak Price Creek
Crest lake Climbing Crags Elk River/Landslide Lake
Della Falls  

Strathcona Park
Quick Fact

Remote Wilderness Area

The best time to wander the remote back country of Strathcona park is July and August.
now depending on the weather June or September isn't the best for weather. it can be quite un-settled and you could get everything from snow to hail and rain all within an hours as you wander about the high alpine country.
Be Prepared!