Videos off Mount Benson

Bushwhacked to this view point of the northern end of Mount Benson

Summit of Mount Benson with a wrapping of Tibetan prayer flags on that visit.

A panorama from I believe a side bushwhack to a view point along trail up Morris Stennes
Trail to Chapman's view point(the last high point along northern ridge.)

Northern ridge 360 in a break in the clouds showing me the at the time, new clear-cut on the backside of Benson

In side view from Cougar's Bluff looking south

I believe this is a zoom panorama from one spot  of the Morris Stennes trail view point on the northern end of the Benson.

A hidden winter season fall along a trail near cougars Bluff on Mount Benson..

This video is shot along the northern ridge trail near the summit
the panoramic shot goes from the back of the mountain to the cloudy  covered city harbour side

This is a view from Cougars bluff,

Old Cabin on way to view point