Useful Links

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Weather report or forecast
Strathcona Park area

NOAA Marine map's Chart 1
index for
Symbols, Abbreviations,
and Terms
pdf docs/chart1-carte1.pdf
you want you under your marine map, this is the book.

US Free pdf Marine Chart

Marine wind & weather forecasts
pick your area
All Vancouver Island
The Strait of Georgia South
covers From the Nanaimo and The Golf Island
The Strait of Georgia North
covers from Nanaimo the Campbell River

for current Ocean Conditions
pick your location

Buoys or Land Station reading
Nanaimo area
land station, entrance island

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

How to Choose a Water Treatment System
Backcountry Water Treatment
Wilderness & Environmental Medicine
Wilderness acquired diarrhea
Water Purification

Equipment repair
Repair Guide Tips & Tricks for Gear Care, Repair & Maintenance 
Seam Sealing a Tent or Tarp

General Backpacking Tips, Q&A, How-Tos and Articles

First Aid Info
Learn Wilderness First aid for yourself and to help your friends/others
High Altitude Medicine Guide

New CPR Resources Guide
suggested by Dakota and her Mom

Build your own Outdoor First aid kit
(suggested By Girls Scouts)
 because both the Girl and Boy Scout's Motto is
"Be prepared", I say live it!

wilderness Skills
Wilderness survival guide

Building Shelter and Other Survival Tips

Canadian Avalanche Centre Bulletin
Vancouver Island and for the rest of BC

Kid Safety in the wilderness
Children and Baby wilderness camping safety

BC Planets and Animals
E-Flora BC Plants & E-Fauna BC Animals

Earthquakes Info
Earthquake info

A Little History
(The Rush for BC)

Geological history
BC Rockhounding Booklet
Geology of Strathcona park
GeoScape Canada
Geoscape Nanaimo Site & Poster
Geosacpe Poster of Vancouver
Geoscape Victoria  & Poster
Denman & Hornby islands

Plate tectonics
Dynamic Planet

Waterscape of the golf islands poster

The Night Sky
Hubble web site
Astronomy Today
The Night Sky Guy
American Meteor Society
NASA ISS Skywatch sighting calculator
NASA  Solar System
EarthSky tonight

Spots & Satellites Phones Equipment
SPOT Personal Tracker or the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger
From Cercomm Electronics

Useful links

:) I hope!
not really sure what to write in here.
but u have used this pages myself in the past so I figured I share them with you
these links cover a few things from water treatment to first aid or what you will see while you  are wandering about be it plant , animal, mineral or what you see in the night sky sitting around your camp at night.

I don't have kids but I found a link for kid safety, I personally don't know if its any good or not but I thought i add it thou for the hiker with kids, I hope it helps. if not let me know