Westwood Lake Ridge
 Trails System

westwood lake Ridges Trail system  Map
The Westwood Ridge Trail System is one of Nanaimo's best kept secrets. once you have left the main park trail around the lake and head up into the ridges, things go quite and you stop hearing traffic noises and voices as you leave the common area behind. in saying that you are now back on the food chain back heere on the trails since it is the wilderness.  i have wandered the trails back along the ridges in the summer and winter and never had a problem with the wild life. I am lucky to see a squirrel, I normally only ever see and hear bipeds

There are 4 or 5 major view points along the ridges, I have added camera icons over those location. i am working on attaching images to those icon, as soon as i figure out how :)

Westwood Lake Ridges
Quick facts

The Westwood lake trail are all open

A Bear has been spotted on or near the lake's trail near the lake in the past.

The Ridges View Points Heights are:

Starting Elevation: 164m
At the lake's parking lot

Max Elevation gained: 246m at highest location of the Westwood ridges, Robin Roost

the cameras are all the view points on this map

Large Map